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Hi. I’m Valerio, nice to meet you.

I am honored to work with special people. Please take a look around!

I am a software engineer working on web applications and web infrastructure. I have been developing professionally for almost 5 years but tinkering since a kid.

I like building stuff and I am also highly adaptable and driven by learning.
When i face a problem i flex my problem-solving muscles to figure out the best solution. I love challenges!

If you wanna know more about me, please check the About section.



Sector: fashion


Twins of Journey

Sector: travel blogging


Covid19 Veiw Dashboard

Sector: reporting web app for Covid19 data


“Some say the cup is half empty, while others say it is half full. However, in my opinion both are wrong.
The real problem is the cup is too big.
Sometimes all we need is a new perspective on an old problem.”